It was 2013 and I was heading home to San Francisco, from DC, after a work trip. A year ago, before we began to stay at home due to pandemic, I had a similar experience with a driver on the way to an airport in Texas.

I have a story of a “husband” that I sometimes use in casual conversation around the world (and some places in my country) when I sense that my queerness will not be welcome.

From 2013:

“In Ethiopia it’s 70 degrees and sunny every day, I miss that weather,” says the town car driver as…

What’s the difference between a typical tech conference and a women in tech conference? Every time I go to a women in tech conference I notice much more diversity among the women. Every time I go to a typical tech conference I notice it’s mostly white and asian men.

I wish tech conferences weren’t only (A) mostly men or (B) mostly women. I want to go to a tech conference that is a mix of “women in tech” conference and “typical” tech conference.

from Lesbians Who Tech New York

I gave a talk about the future of work and listened to dozens of wicked smart women talk about tech and then went to a party with them.

So Fun!

(Thanks for the photo, Rachel!)

Our family tent experts

I’ve always wanted to stay overnight on Angel Island with a view of my city. This is the campsite I’ve never been able to reserve until a few weeks ago (usually you need to reserve months in advance). We originally had a reservation on the other side of the island, and, when I rescheduled, I discovered that this site was available. I felt like I won the lottery.

This was our first family backpacking trip — we took a cab from our house to the ferry and our tween daughter carried her 15lb backpack up the hill.

This site has…

Beyond greeking in wireframes and prototypes

No? Never heard of Lorem Ipsum? Here are some cute kittens.

Yes? Maybe you’re a designer or developer or product or marketing manager who copies/pastes swaths of Lorem Ipsum to show how text will look in a design for content (filler, placeholder, dummy text). That’s great until you show that design to a typical user.

In my work as a researcher, I work with teams who are developing or redesigning web or mobile apps. I do a lot of usability testing and research with prototypes and wireframes. For most of these projects, the design has clumps of Lorem Ipsum where…

Leanne Waldal

Research. Geek. Parent. Family sysadmin. San Francisco.

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