Broken Ankle Week 12

Leanne Waldal
2 min readAug 22, 2022


I can move my ankle! People told me, and it’s true, once you start PT and start working on range of movement, movement starts happening. Some mornings it is easier, some mornings it is more difficult, and I’m determined to walk and run again.

Going up stairs on crutches is easier with two legs on the ground and I managed short flights of stairs at my daughter’s college when we moved her into dorms. However, her dorm is on 3rd floor, up many flights of stairs with lots of people on the stairs, and I couldn’t fathom crutching up/down that.

Instead I hung out with this adorable husky at my brother-in-law’s house.

husky dog on rug next to crutches
Cuddling up to my crutches

New happenings in week 12:

  • I’m going to PT 2 times/week for 60–90minutes each session and then I’m doing all the stretches and exercises every morning and evening. I try to get outside each day and walk with weightbearing in boot and crutches.
  • New pain that PT said is probably hardware pain. It feels like a papercut pain inside my ankle bones and it doesn’t last long. It surprises me when it happens.
  • Weight bearing pain is a mostly bearable pain. It’s a mix of tightness and deep ache of a joint that is waking up and relearning. PT suggested trying walking in water in a pool.
  • I used a stationary bike with very low resistance and pedaled the slowest I’ve ever pedaled on a bike. My injured ankle felt like it was pedaling for the first time ever.
  • PT had me stand with my hands holding onto a table and try to walk to the side. I couldn’t figure out how to pick up my injured leg and take a step without crutches. It seemed impossible. She suggested I rock side to side, back and forth, try mini squats, close my eyes, and then I did it! The next PT visit I did it again — easier on the 2nd try. Now I’m going to try doing this holding onto kitchen counter.
  • The stretching and A-to-Z drawing in air and ankle pumps/circles and strength exercises all feel mostly really good. It helps my mental health to feel like I’m making progress.
  • Today I got my hair cut and I didn’t ask for a place to prop up my ankle. I almost always keep my ankle elevated, still, and I’m working on sitting with both feet on floor.



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