Broken Ankle Week 13

No more CAM boot! I had an appointment with surgeon and x-ray showed fibula is now healed and bone has filled in. That means I don’t need to wear CAM boot and can do full weight bearing. I imagined myself doing cartwheels down the hall.

When I got home, I started trying different socks and shoes on my recovering foot and ankle. Sigh. None of my shoes fit — except Birkenstocks when I adjusted the buckle. The only socks that fit are ankle height wool socks. I put on the socks, put on the Birkenstocks, and realized I only have short pants. I have nothing to wear! This weekend’s task is to find where I put all of my jeans.

Aches and discomforts

  • My ankle is least swollen in morning and most swollen in evening. On workdays I keep the swelling down with cold therapy machine.
  • Weight bearing is getting less painful. It still hurts on both sides of my foot.
  • All of my foot and ankle skin is still sensitive and the top of my foot is still tingly. I’m waiting for my nerves to come back.
  • The top of my foot aches when it is resting on an ottoman. Surgeon said it might be scar tissue (arthrofibrosis?) that plantarflexion stretching will help resolve
  • The sleeper bed creaks more now that I’ve been sleeping on it for 3 months

Progress and improvements

  • At physical therapy I walked around a table 3 times (using table for support)
  • After 1 day without CAM boot I tried taking an unassisted step in bare feet and I DID IT! Then I took a few more steps and then I got nervous and grabbed some support

What’s next

  • Continuing physical therapy 2 times/week
  • Find a pair of shoes that fit and find socks that fit and don’t irritate the incisions
  • Next appointment with surgeon, and xray, in 3 months
  • Surgeon says at 9 months I’ll stop noticing ankle so much and by 1 year I should be fully recovered. “It’s a marathon,” she said. Yeah, it sure is.
  • I’m anticipating some travel in October and am testing out compression socks to manage the ankle swelling that will happen with flights.



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