Broken Ankle Week 18

Person standing on a beach between trees and water
March 2022: walking in Point Reyes 2 months before accident that broke my ankle

Walking is still amazing. I know that so much better now since I needed to relearn how to walk. In a couple weeks I’ll get on a plane (for a work trip) and I’m feeling more confident that I can walk to subway, take subway, walk through airport, and be off!

I’m planning to take a few precautions for this first flight since injury:

Compression socks have been supporting my ankle through recovery, however, most compression socks irritate my skin or rub the wrong way on the incisions. After buying and trying different socks, lily trotters silky solid compression socks are the ones that are most comfortable for me right now.

Discomforts in past week

Improvements in past week

My goal for this week is to walk to/from physical therapy. It is 4 blocks from my house, with hills, and I have been getting there with Lyft.



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