Broken Ankle Week 22

2 people walking in the evening on an empty street with lights hung up on both sides of the street
My friend (on left) and me (on right) walking — look, no cane! (photo thanks to my wife :)

It mostly does get better. Last week my ankle was not happy with all the walking. This week I walked 2ish miles/day and no additional pain or swelling (as long as it’s mostly walking on flat ground — the hills of San Francisco are still challenging).

I love this photo because I look like I’m back to normal and having an evening stroll with a friend. I’m not nearly back to normal because I can’t walk fast up/down hills and stairs and run around my neighborhood — that’s my normal I’m planning to get back to.

New this past week: I went for an acupuncture appointment to see if acupuncture would help with mild swelling, flexibility, nerve pain and other minor ailments related to this recovery. The next day my ankle felt more flexible and a bit less achy and crunchy. I made appointments for weekly acupuncture for a month.

Ongoing discomforts


When I look back at all my notes, since original injury earlier this year, I haven’t progressed exactly on the timetable that was estimated. That’s alright. Healing isn’t linear. Here is a list of goals I made a few months ago and half of them are done.



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