Broken Ankle Week 6

Tattoo time!

Getting a tattoo with ink that will fade! Squeezeball and friendship bracelet from my teen daughter.
  • I saw ads for Ephemeral Tattoo on Instagram and got an appointment for a tattoo on my thigh above the injury.
  • The tattoo should fade within a year and I’ve read it takes about a year to feel “normal” again after this type of injury and surgery.
  • The heart is to remind me to have compassion for myself. The date is so my precise time tracking self can remind myself how long it has been since injury and remind myself that I am getting better.
  • Next week I have an appointment to get x-rays and cast off and then start PT. I am really looking forward to PT and slightly afraid. I haven’t walked in almost 7 weeks and I’m sure my Achilles tendon is going to be a challenge to move.
  • My ankle feels swollen and achy at end of each day even though I spend most days sitting, with ankle elevated, in zoom meetings for work. While working, I do some straight leg lifts on injured leg and use exercise bands to work on my non-injured leg.
  • Every morning I motivate myself to get up, put on a shoe, crutch to the stairs, sit and go up stairs one at a time, manage the fear that creeps up every time I’m on the stairs, and breathe through the fear (since that’s where I was when injury happened).
  • One morning this past week I pulled myself up one stair, sat on next stair up, and realized I sat in cat puke. Ewwwwww!!! Back down the stairs, back to find a clean pair of sweatpants and then I just gave up. I appreciate that my wife cleaned up the stairs and brought me coffee while I worked to re-motivate myself for the day.



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