Broken Ankle Week 9

Leanne Waldal
2 min readJul 28, 2022


It is just 8 days until the date the surgeon told me I could start weight bearing. In anticipation I have just lightly set my bare foot on the bamboo floor in our house to see what it feels like. Tingly and feels so good to feel just a bit of floor on bottom of my foot (no weight).

car dashboard, with small stuffed animal, parked and looking out to the pacific ocean
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, view from the car

My wife kindly drove me out to Ocean Beach so I could look at the ocean from the car. Probably 3–4 months until I can walk on the beach.

I’ve been trying to clean up the skin on my foot and ankle — all the dead skin from being in splints and cast for weeks. It’s been difficult because I haven’t regained all the feeling in my foot/ankle and parts still feel a bit tingly numb. I had bought this foot scrubber and it’s a bit too rough for how tender my skin feels. It’s especially tender where the cast caused blisters.

Everyone told me the steri-strips would fall off. They hadn’t fallen off so I peeled them off (which was basically exfoliation — ew).

I’ve been instructed not to soak my foot/ankle, for now, so I run water over it and use a washcloth to try to slough away the dead skin. It’s a slow process and I avoid the incision areas. Sometimes I just give up, dry my foot and ankle off, slather with oil and lotion and pull on a sock.

I’m continuing non weight bearing, gently stretching with a stretch strap when boot is off, practicing dorsiflexion and plantarflexion, doing leg lifts, trying to be patient waiting for PT to start.

It’s a long journey.



Leanne Waldal

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